Unfolding Luffy

--Find yourself in Freedom--
 Blue Spectral Night  

I am the shadow that is the light.
I am the stillness that is the movement.
I am the silence that is the expression.

Sun•Taurus | Moon•Pisces
Earth Dragon |  
Child of the earth, and of the moon. Guided by super intuition.
Health, love, nature, & One Piece.
I am on a spiritual journey to reunite with myself;
Body, mind, and soul.
I'm not the typical person, and this is not your typical blog.
I am the creator of my own destiny.
I am a co creator of the universe.
I am an INFP.
I am a Lucid Dreamer.
The purpose of my life is to always be myself.
-Be True, Be love, Share love
I am on a mission to expand consciousness.
I am a loner.
I am a Canadian.
I LOVE being naked.
I am my Higher Self.
I am a HUGE One Piece Fan.
I change the music pretty often, based on mood.
I am Luffy Suicide.
Luffy is the Main Character of One Piece.
You might ask, how someone can mix anime with Suicidegirls...
Well... you're looking at it!
18 + Only Please (:
The photos posted up here are not mine unless otherwise stated.
Thanks for stopping by!
ॐNamaste ♫♥♪

but you don’t act black

please tell white people that this will never be a compliment (via blkdzn)

See also: ” I barely even notice you’re black “

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It ebbs and flows, it comes and goes, and nothing lasts forever, but even that doesn’t last forever.
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The promise

They all made a promise, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Chopper, Nami, Brook, Robin, Franky, to become stronger. For him, their nakama, their captain. For Luffy.

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If you’re not able to share the full expression of your soul within a relationship, is equivalent to being buried alive.
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